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-1.17.13: Comic Update+Character Profile Page=WIN
Now with the new year I'm uploading the last two Mini Chapters to Issue 002 right here!
- Chapter 2-5 "One Man Riot"
Updated 1.17.13
- Chapter 2-6 "Clean things up" Updated 1.17.13
Along with that update I've added something else, an all new section that will have character profiles.
It will be slowly updated as more and more charcters are added into the story line. I'm also working on my Second Art Book. This book will have a huge black and white section as well as older works. I'm thinking of combining old and new stuff together into one big collection as well.

Well Looking forward to the rest of 2013. So stay awesome, everybody!

-11.19.12: Comic Update
I'v added a new section to the comics gallery for issue 002 where you can see all the thumbnails for each page. I plan on doing this for each issue I put out as well So I will be going back and doing one for Issue 001 as well.
- Chapter 2-4 "So they meet pt.1"
Updated 11.19.12

-7.9.12: Comic Update
- Chapter 2-3 "Cops and Ninjas"
Updated 7.9.12

-5.14.12: Lots Going On
I'm very happy to announce that you can buy a physical copy of Shadoboxxer: The One Man Riot 001 at IndyPlanet along with Vol.1 of my collected art work. Follow the links to see previews of each book. Also on the list of my Publish artwork, is the cover art I did for KT Pinto's Original Super Hero Drama, Sto's House Presents: Mutants On The Rocks.

I have also been super busy working on lots of other projects and have set up a 2012 section in the Gallery Section. I am working hard to Improve my style.

The next major update will be the inclussion of my sneaker designs I've worked on over the years. I've done various projects for Fila, PF Flyers, and New Balance. I am very proud of my work at these companies and I cannot wait to share them with you guys. My biggest success with them has come from working on the ML999 and doing loads of color-ups that will be hitting the market over the next few months all the way into 2014. I will also be posting various entries from sneaker blogs that show off my designs.

-1.9.12: Comic Update!!!!
Second update this month and I have a lot of cool news. I manged to place as a finalist in Wacom's
"A Thousand Forests" art contest.

-Next up, one of my Color-ups/Material-ups made it into a lot of blogs over the last few days. The ML999GP, atm it is being sold at a site in Australia, but it will soon be on the US sites for a lower price. Make sure to check New Balance for it and some of the past styles of the ML 999 that I have done.

-I have also managed to land a table at the Boston Comic Con in April. I'll be selling my comic and any other comics I manage to finish in that amount of time.

-Lastly, I'm also promoting my friend's Photo Blog. Irene is a very talanted photographer, I'd have to say the best that I know. Please take a look at her site when you can.

-1.3.12: Comic Update!!!!
Happy New Year Everybody. With the new year here I am glad to update my site with 5 new pages of Shadoboxxer: The One Man Riot. I'll be working on Updates for the new art of 2012 as well. There are also a ton of minor updates I had to do around the site to fix some broken links and other links that skiped other images. Thanks for visiting me again and I hope you all stick around for all the art to come.
- Chapter 2-2 "Visiting Hours"

-11.25.11: Comic Update!!!!
5 new pages of Chapter 2-1 "Hack the News" are now ONLINE!
Please read them and enjoy.
somr issue 2

-11.5.11: Fixes and updates
A few of the links on my site have had some errors and I am going back to fix everything. I am also adding some links to a few new web comics that I think are pretty cool.

robots and racks
Robots and Racks :D This is a really funny comic by Batchix about busty women and their robots.

-10.26.11: Gallery and Minor Updates
Since I took the day ff of work because of fighting off a cold, I decided to add some more updates to my site. I have two more new images to the Gallery section and I've added some updates to the links on the side with some new web comics that are pretty funny as well. So please be sure to take a look at them. I also have been cranking on my comic. Soon I'll be updating this site with teh first five pages of issue Two.

-Gallery Updates

-10.10.11: SOMR Update + Two Gallery Pics
The Forth Part of issue one of Shadoboxxer: The One Man Riot, is now finished and this brings issue One to a close. To read the story from the start, please head over to the COMICS section.
I am working on the second issue and the Video below shows me working on one of the later pages.
I also have two new images for my 2011 Gallery here as well.

I've also been doing more with livestream along with my girl Isis. You can see some videos on here of me working on the upcomming page of Shadoboxxer: The One Man Riot.

Watch live streaming video from shadoboxxer at

-6.3.11: Gallery and Minor Updates
With this update, I've added more art into the Gallery and started a 2011 section. There are also a lot of minor updates to each page you'll start to notice as well as me adding in a preview or cover image to each of the comics. Please Enjoy

-6.2.11: Summer Time
Chapter 3 is now uploaded. Also I will be attending Otakon this Summer as well. I hope I can get to see you there. I will be selling copies of my comics and doing commission at the table. If by some chance I manage to run out of comics at the event, I can be contacted and send a copy of the book when I reorder.

-1.26.11: Happy New Year
Chapter 2 "Trial by Fire" Is now online. Please Enjoy!

-1.25.11: New Art added in the Gallery

-1.24.11: Happy New Year
Chapter 1"Steps to the days to come"
Has been added to the Comics Section
I've created a Facebook page for Toro Comics and now have a Twitter account as well.

-10.27.10: Site Update
Worked on adding a few new links to the side bar of various artists thata re friends of mine. When you get the chance, give them a look.

-10.26.10: Site Update
This Time I've added some new lings to the Spotlight Section on the right side of this page. As you can see I've added a few new Art Blogs and some Web Comics Sites. These are people that I know online that mantain their sites with lots of cool content to get your art fix. Make sure you get the chance to check them out. They are all very talent artists. Then there is the Zero Chapter I have uploaded to the site. It is a small preview of Shado and Ellise one the rooftops having a fun little chat.

Shadoboxxer: The One Man Riot (Mini Oneshot)
Chapter 0 "A night on the roof"

On top of those updates I've added two new banners to the tops of the pages as well. One with Boomer and Kim. As I dig further into the design of this site I'll be adding more and more content along with doing more updates to my various web comics. So I hope you all will stick around.


-10.24.10: Comics Updated Again.
This time I've added two short stories from an OC Battle. (OC=Original Character) It was called deadline, and I was eliminated in the Second Round. So I though I would share the two parts of the story that are considered Cannon in the storyline. Please Enjoy!
Shado/Boomer: Deadline
Intro: "The Beast Arrives"
Chapter 1 "The Rescue"

-10.24.10: Second Update COMICS
I've just finished updating the comics section again.

-10.24.10: Gallery
Added an update to the Gallery section and am trying to get all the links working the right way.

-10.23.10: UPDATE COMICS
Uploaded an Archive of my past comics in the comics section.
Also this is Version 3 of the site. Looks like I'll be getting into playing with this a lot more.
I was playing around with Wordpress, but honestly it ended up being too hard to mess with.
I also was playing with Comic Press, but the PHP they are using on this hoste sitre isn't up to date. So bleh on that front. 50megs needs to get their act together. Anyways, working on getting this whole mosnter up and running. I'll also figure out how to get RSS on here and I guess I better get my act together and get some Twitter stuff up and running so I can bring some more people here.


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